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We Baby Bears: The We Bare Bears Spin-Off Get Magical

We Baby Bears
We Baby Bears

We Baby Bears Updates: Finally, the spin-off of We Bare Bears gets a title and a plot that follows the Bears going to mystical realms, and… is that the star of the Steven Universe?

Even if the story of We Bare Bears ended with the film released earlier this year, the story of Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear is not finished. A year ago, we learned about the We Bare Bears spin-off and now we actually have our first word on the series.

The latest series is named We Baby Bears and when they were younger they will follow the Bears in the original series. The bears, though, will go on all kinds of journeys than we saw in the original series’ flashback scenes.

To fly to these creative new realms as well, the Bears will use their cardboard box. In the first poster for it, the theme of this series can be seen, with an incredibly mystical look to it.

We Baby Bears: The debut of We Baby Bears is set for Spring 2021!

Among other roles, the show is executive produced by Manny Hernandez, who served as a producer on the original We Bare Bears season. In the We Bare Bears line, for the franchise, this is a pretty drastic departure.

We Baby Bears
We Baby Bears

While in the original show a lot of fun wacky stuff happened, we never had anything quite this fantasy-driven. We’re excited to see how these fantasy realms will react to the Baby Bears we saw in the original film. Are they going to stay, act the same, or be different?

Just say the time well. In this new expansion of a beloved franchise, Manny’s admiration for anime and music comes to life, said Tom Ascheim, President of Warner Bros. Global Children, Classics and Young Adults (GKYAC).

For all, We Bare Bears fans and beyond, the stunning scenery and musical inspirations turn this new series into an exciting journey. And I said that they’re baby bears! On We Bare Wolves, an anime influence?

We’re able to dig it! Plus, they’re right. They’re baby bears. They are cute! While this series can seem different from what fans of We Bare Bears got used to in the previous series, we’re excited to check it out!

These Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear characters are a treat, so it would be a pleasure to see them respond to imaginative realms.