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The Rookie’s season 3 Nathan Fillion on where officer Nolan’s story picks up

The Rookie's season 3

The Rookie’s season 3: Nathan Fillion’s LAPD newcomer John Nolan, framed by his own trainer and faced with an unknown future inside the force, is running straight into The Rookie’s very tense third season. Here, there are some hints from the star and executive producer as to how this case of planting evidence and police corruption could play out.

The Rookie’s season 3 Details

The Rookie's season 3 everyd etails

With a pretty big cliffhanger, you left us, with John noticing the weapons and cash that were planted right before the police surrounded his house. Nathan Fillion: [Laughs] Of it all, the “to be continued” We’re picking up where we left off, with a lot of trouble with Nolan. It’s like a dose of truth. Nolan’s been enduring a bit of a loss. He had not followed the protocol, and he ought to have. I don’t want to spoil it, but if he wants to move into the police force as he dreamed, he’ll have to take some [interesting] steps. Nolan’s going to have to go to classes again. To help his family, he was a college dropout, and there are certain things that you can do in the [LAPD] only if you have your degree.

Police life has improved a great deal since 2020. Can that fix the show?

Completely. Absolutely! Part of what makes The Rookie so good is that we strive to be exact. I mean, we know we’re a TV show and we need to dramatize stuff, but… this time, if we were to be specific, it’s part of making sure that people realize that not everybody’s contact with the police is going to be the same. On a lighter note, is there any possibility we’ll see Pete Davidson of Saturday Night Live return this season as John’s half brother? Is this not a treat? He is welcome at any moment. The Newcomer, Premiere of season 3, Sunday, January 3, 2021, 10/9c, ABC. Alexi Hawley speaks to EW about finishing up a big cliffhanger and how the show is profoundly influenced by national debates about the police. The Rookie is back, and maybe John Nolan will just be trapped forever in the titular purgatory.


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