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Foldable iPhone X: These two designs are nearing completion

Foldable iPhone X Details

Apple could introduce a foldable iPhone X in 2022. According to new information, two favored designs of the model are already in the final test phase.

For some time now, rumors about a foldable iPhone from Apple have been roaming the net. A model that can be folded out into an iPad Mini if ​​necessary is a dream for many Apple fans. New information now seems to increase the chances of getting such a device.

As Apple Insider reports, the iPhone manufacturer is testing two different designs together with Foxconn, both of which made it through quality controls and are shortlisted.

iPhone X Fold in Pictures

Foldable iPhone X features

This is what the foldable iPhone should look like? All render images, concepts and patent drawings at a glance.
One of them is similar to the Galaxy Z Flip or the Motorola Razr and is opened up along its length. The second design is quite similar to the Galaxy Fold or the Mate XS from Huawei and is folded like a book. The latter would also come much closer to the idea of ​​an iPad.

Foldable iPhone: Presentation even possible in 2022

For some time now, rumors of a foldable iPhone have been increasing. The information that has now emerged could suggest that the test phases are now entering their final stages. Completion is therefore likely to be imminent, which might also make an idea possible in 2022. Both the device and other details remain just speculation.

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