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Discovery+ Announces All New “Gold Rush” Spin Off Series With Miner Phenom Freddy Dodge

Gold Rush
Gold Rush

Gold Rush: Discovery+ will stream GOLD RUSH: FREDDY DODGE”S MINE RESCUE on the 4th of January.

Freddy Dodge is an old-schooler of a mining school. The man associated with mining for 40 years. He is known as the” Gold Guru”. The guru now took the roads, to help the struggling mine owners who were up to strike.

The man will be seen rescuing the helpless mine owners in the new series premiering on Discovery + on the 4th of January this coming year.

Who is Freddy?

The world likes short cuts, and Freddy’s is the cheat code to the world of gold mining. The goldfields strangled with regular people, families, and friends. Things all came into action and many people are ready to quit it all.

Every episode, feature Freddie sharing his hard-earned practical knowledge and tips and tricks on mining and sluicing it.

Freddy teams up with expert mechanics and colleague Juan Ibarra. The duo, educate the miners about the geography of the location and the strategy needed to access the quality and quantity of gold.

The miner will also learn drilling and testing procedures to get back on the pay dirt. In to-to, the miners taught to play smart and sharp.

Gold Rush
Gold Rush

The duo will restructure and introduce unique gold recovery techniques. The mine owners could reap gold lifelong if they acknowledged facts and features about mining that the gold guru revealed.

Discovery also enables live conversation on social media with the gold guru himself using the hashtag #GOLDRUSH.  Fans can also follow GOLDRUSH on other social media handles like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to seek more details on mining.

The real-life experience brought into play by Raw Television with James Bates as the Executive Producer and Richard Cracknell; the showrunner. Discovery Channel is head by Carter Figueroa as the executive producer and Greg Wolf as the coordinating producer.

Gold Rush: About Discovery Channel

The channel dedicated to curating high-quality fiction content that is informative and entertaining to the audience. So the network breaches into a variety of genres. Serving almost 224 countries across the globe. Also, it offers a signature mix of compelling high-end cinema.

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