Gwendlyn Brown appreciated Weed Man on this Christmas

Gwendlyn Brown: As previously mentioned, the Sister Wives all got together for Christmas this year in a surprising fashion.

However, this may have been fun for 18-year-old Gwendolyn Brown, but it wasn’t the coolest part of her holiday season. Brown was obviously grateful for on the birthday of Jesus Christ was her drug dealer only.

Gwendlyn Brown posted a meme on Instagram 

Gwendolyn posted a meme on her Instagram account, thanking those who are working this Christmas last week. The list included gas station workers, Uber Drivers, Fire warriors, Health emergency facilities Employees at Walmart, and the man of weeds. She said that they weren’t.

Though their position on marijuana has never been disclosed by the Brown family, Kody, the father of 18 and the leader of this polygamous clan has told Sister Wives that Mormons do not traditionally drink alcohol.”

It’s a sufficiently fair one. They value religious values and decisions that are, of course, founded on those beliefs. Meri Brown said earlier this year during a Facebook Live, however, that her daughter Mariah, 25, suggested CBD products to help alleviate stress after Kody complained that he had difficulty sleeping. She didn’t seem to be joking at all, either, but they can’t confirm that Kody had ever taken any.

Gwendlyn Brown

Of course, the Sister Wives family belongs to the United Apostolic Brethren, which is a fundamentalist Mormon group. But Gwendolyn doesn’t follow the rigid convictions of her relatives.

Earlier this month, she shared uncertainty about the faith of her family. She hates being asked to justify my religious beliefs because she doesn’t even know, she wrote and, adding that she hates being asked to explain my religious views.

She doesn’t know why God made eve sin then let his son die to forgive his own fault of sin and if he’s omnipotent why he let satan haha die to forgive his own fault of sin.

The teenager, an overt and proud bisexual, proceeded to follow that might just mess around and join The Satanic Temple, just in case the girl needs an abortion bc we all know that right’s gonna get taken away soon. She later captioned an email confirming her Satanic Temple membership by penning these three basic words that she had done that.

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