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Leah Messer Claps Back After Hater Calls Her Daughter’s Behavior ‘Pitiful’

Leah Messer
Leah Messer

Leah Messer: Leah Messer’s announced by fans for being very modest in the way she instructed her seven-year-old daughter Adalynn Calvert.

In the December 15 episode of Teen Moms 2, Leah was in her car looking down at her phone when Addie shouted It Stuck. I can’t take it off, in the back of a small van, and then put it in to ruin one of your machines, about which laughter seems to be attached to his microphone. What did you put in my Addie microphone? a producer named Josh.

Gum the terrible Addie replied, as Josh patiently asked, Do you want to undress me? He smiled and said no when asked again, Would you please?

Addie grabbed the mic with a huge wad and headed for Josh, apparently not wanting to do the job. Even another producer named Brendan came in and asked, Can you take him out? ”

Why can’t he? Addie asked Brendan why Josh couldn’t pull out his gum, and Josh patiently told her, “Because you own it, and I own the microphone. We can find another house for your gums.

Leah finally intervened and said Yes, in this bag here she can find it, ”then handed the white plastic bag back to Addie and Josh. Addie, you know better about laughter! Leah added with a sigh.

How Leah Messer Reacted?

Leah Messer
Leah Messer

Some viewers go through the motions of Addie’s appearance and how much Leah will react to what is happening.

User @meiko_miss wrote on Twitter, @LeahMesser That’s just sad you behave like this ”and when one fan asked if he was joking, one user Keiffa jumped up and wrote,” Are you kidding? ” You think Addie’s behavior is good, don’t you? Not just here. Always. They laughed at his clever ass’s mouth. It’s not good.

Leah was enough, turning to the first poster and defending her little girl. To be clear: Addie did not deliberately put gum on the microphone. He had it in the wrapper and sat down on the mic. Crying out loud, she was 6 years old, The mother of three children 28 years old wrote.

Some fans, however, were not impressed by Leah’s initial appearance allowing the producers to deal with the situation with her daughter and the laughter of the microphone.

User @kadrra wrote, @TeenMom @LeahMesser
It is good to stay on the phone vs seeing what is wrong with your child and letting others take care of it as a good example, while
@Hunniii_hefner says that if it had been Leah’s ex-husband Jeremy Calvert, the situation would have been better.

I was annoyed that Leah was on her phone…. You need to be more concerned about being their mother than about being their friend / ‘cool mom.’ It is certain that if it was Jeremy the scene would have been different, ”wrote the viewer.

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