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Andy Cohen Son Ben Has His First Big Snow Day in NYC

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen: Winter is set all over the country and a video of Andy Cohen’s cute little son will warm our hearts. Andy, who hosts a show called Watch What Happens, shared his one-year-old son’s very charming video on his Instagram account in which he was walking through the New York City snow.

In the video, he was seen encouraging his son Ben by saying “You can do it, buddy!”. His son was struggling to walk in the fresh snow. He further talked about the deepness of the snow and adored his cute son.

What Andy Cohen has to say 

The caption of the clip was” first big snowstorm”. Andy’s son has become friends with the son of Anderson Cooper.

Cohen said that he and Anderson kill time just like other parents do and that he goes to his house every weekend and they hang out.

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen

He says that the kids have started to acknowledge each other. They often hug each other and give each other little kisses, he said. We also got to know that Wyatt reaches out to Ben often. Anderson in reply to this said, “It was a big moment”.

The younger Cohen was replaced by the younger Anderson in a magazine for the Cutest Baby Alive, but Cohen said that there was a peaceful change in power.

According to Cohen, Ben is the cutest baby alive. He said that they received an offer from the magazine. He very jokingly said that they thought that it will be very selfish of them especially in this year of turmoil to take that award, ” so we said let us give the award to Wyat this time. Because hasn’t Anderson been through enough, quite frankly?'”

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