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Is Justice League Zack Snyder’s best 2021 movie ?

Justice League Zack Snyder’s best 2021 movie

Justice League is not Zack Snyder’s best 2021 movie, Army of the Dead will be the answer. The audience is eagerly waiting for Snyder’s role in Justice League. However, this won’t be his best. We can see Snyder, returning to the screen with a movie in his favorites genre. Army of the Dead seems to be Snyder’s return on the field.

Army of the Dead: The zombie genre series will be featured on Netflix this coming summer.


Army of the Dead revolves around a group of the condottiere, who plan to filch a Casino in Las Vegas amidst the Zombie outbreak in the city. The screening of zombies and the theft has already added to the surprise elements of the plot.

Rumors of changes in the script of Justice League have kept Snyder Cut under speculations from the past few months. Snyder’s field of direction stands compatible with The Army of Dead rather than Justice League.


Snyder’s superhero movies have gained huge fame over the years. Batman V Superman showcased Snyder’s coherent narrative skills. Likewise in Superman in Man of Steel; Snyder’s inclination towards intense violence was witnessed. His superhero movies are expected to surprise the audience.

Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead theme is based on muted color palettes and Velvety texture.


The Army of dead acts as a reprisal movie for Snyder’s after his debt in 2004, a remake of George Romero’s seminal zombie film Dawn Dead. This debut of Snyder flagged Zombies as his genre of work and acclaimed fame. He also worked as a cinematographer for the movie for the first time.

Army of the Dead may mark a return to form for Snyder on the flipside since the director first broke out in 2004 with a remake of the seminal zombie film Dawn of the Dead by George Romero. Since Dawn of the Dead, Snyder has not dealt with zombies again, but his debut movie remains one of his most appreciated by fans and critics alike, indicating plenty of promise for the genre’s return next year.

Justice League will be a feature on HBO Max next year, yet this one doesn’t guarantee to be his best work.

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