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The Legend of El Cid: When can the show is Available for Audience?

The Legend of El Cid

The Legend of El Cid is one of the Spanish animation and adventure films. Jose Pozo is the director and writer of this movie. Music was composed of Oscar Araujo and Zacarias M. de la Riva. Adria Garcia and Victor Maldonado are the cinematographers of this movie.

Felix Bueno is the editor of this movie. Julio Fernandez is the producer of this movie. Here, Filmax Animation is the distributor of this movie. It was premiered on 18th December 2020. It is also a fan favorite movie and this movie is very interesting to watch.

The Legend of El Cid

Since 2019, Amazon Originals decided to expand this opportunity in Spain and it was established the three projects and The Legend of Cid. It was released in 2020. This story was based on Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar’s true story. Audience waiting to watch this true story and they are very anticipating. From 1043 to 1099 period Diaz de Vivar became a legend of his army head and he fighting against the terrorist attacks. He faced many battles.

The Legend of El Cid

This movie’s protagonist name Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar. This movie is a Spanish folk story and it tells about poems and their courage and victories. Diaz is a nobleman in Castilian. This movie shows their personal relationships and he had lots of experience in his life. We don’t know how much the director shows the real life of Diaz de Vivar.

Jamie Lorente is the hero of this movie. He acts on two more famous Netflix shows. They are Elite and Money Heist. In the Money Heist show, he is acting as Daniel Ramos aka Denver. He joins the professor’s group with his dad.

His father’s name is Agustin Ramos. In Elite was acted as Nano Garcia Dominguez. He is the main character of the first and second seasons. Later he plays a guest role in the third season. There were some other characters act in this movie and they are Alicia Sanz act as Infanta Urraca, Jose Luis Garcia Perez act as Fernando I EI Grande, Eila Galera act as Sancha la Bella, Carlos Bardem act as Conde de Leon and Juan Echanove act as Obispo. There were interesting and extraordinary trailer clips.