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Saved By The Bell: Mean Girls and Hope For Season 2

Saved By The Bell Season 2-

Saved By The Bell Season 2 Update: The most popular series this series was. The Jessie Spano and A.C Slater comes in season-2. Where, they both become a faculty members. And also, they become a voice of reason to a generation of students, that too a new generation. The release date of this series: September 8, 1990 — December 23, 1990

The THEME of this series:

The original series was from 1989-1993 and this 2020 production of this show is a reboot? This has nothing to do with the original show but just you trying to appease your disregard for anything and everything ethical and turning a classic into whatever you want to because you have the money to do so.

How this was agreed to go on past the first episode shocks me and I used to say these things. But now as a parent letting my kids watch what I used to? They will never watch this idiotic and extremely segregated biased propaganda that exploits others medical mishaps or the free-range usage of profanity and other slang insults or putdowns.

I’m all for boycotting this show although I’ve never done any before, but this is a blatant slap in the face to the original creators and all who contributed to this sitcom.

REVIEW: Saved By The Bell Season 2

Saved By The Bell Season 2

One of the best tv series I’ve ever watched on my teenage years!!!. When you watch the shows please don’t get too serious.. because it supposed to be entertaining rather than solving the issues. Just enjoy the shows. This really show some facts in high school..Zack is a perfect boyfriend material.

Every girls like Jerks in high school but handsome good looking with always come with funny nonsense ideas. And almost every girls dream to be Kelly, pretty ,good looking nice body. Cheer leader and so on. It was such a great and creative plot. So I decided to buy all the DVD’s.

Too bad why because, they made it in different version like SBTB the new class and SBTB without Kelly and Jessie. Its a bit boring. You genuinely sincere pathetic producers and writers. You’re disgracing a classic. I couldn’t even watch a full episode after hearing profanity in the first minutes of the first episode.

The original never hinted towards this and it was a huge success. You have successfully ruined the careers of the original cast and the potential future of those you chose to play the main characters.

Does anyone else think that Zack Morris was a terrible person. He hits on all most every girl and doesn’t spend any real time with his girlfriend.

He also uses his friends for his personal gain, and he never learns any lessons in the show always forgetting the lesson by the end. Moreover, a teenage people must watch series this was. Will expect more series in this way, for more entertainment.