Selena: The Series Review: Uses Full Ensemble to Tell Compassionate Story of Late Tejano Queen

Selena: The Series Updates: Selena: The Series is a show on the titular Tejano music superstar.  The first episode of the series on Netflix showcased the patriarch of the family Abraham Quintanilla Jr. played by Ricardo Chavira.

The superstar father strums his guitar for his 8-year-old daughter Selena played by Madison Taylor Baez. The duo performs on a 1970’s song “Feelings”.

Selena’s hit performance lures the audience with her adorable emotions expressed by the song.

The producers have invested huge efforts in the two-part series with a collection of 9 episodes.

Selena: The Series is about a tight-knit family determined to make life better using the resources available for them.

As the name suggests, the series is truly based on Selena; born in Lake Jackson, Texas. The series portrays empathy, authenticity, humor, and pride.

Selena is appearing to practice her Spanish skills by mimicking the Mexican Telenovelas. In another clip, she is seen getting excited about buying a bedazzled to add to her outfits.

Selena: The Series
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The series also lights up the character of Selena’s older brother A.B played by Gabriel Chavarria. He scripts songs for Selena. While Selena’s older sister talented Suzette played by Noemi Gonzalez is a part of her music band.

Later in the series, we could see Selena’s love interest, who is also a band member. Chris Perez played by Jesse Posey acts as Selena’s partner.

The audience shouldn’t be confusing and comparing the two releases with the same name but a different storyline.

“Selena”- the movie is a celebration of the singer’s life and career; while “Selena- The Series” is the family history and Tex Mex culture.

This is also a citation to the struggle of Latinos to flourish in the entertainment industry.

Corpus Christi’s powerful voice and radiant spirit to succeed have aided Selena- score in heights.

Selena excites the crowd while on her way to the concert, where she writes “Selena was here” on the foggy window of the bus.

The series premieres on 4th December on Netflix.

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