Beyonce made a surprise appearance in the 2020 billboard women in music event.

Beyonce: Beyonce showed up to the virtual event, as she was the perfect person to present the proteges, ChloeXHalle with the rising star award at the 2020 billboard music event on Dec 10.

Beyonce gave a virtual speech at the event for her girl before announcing their honor, “Ladies I am Proud, so so proud of you”, she said.

“You have done this with authenticity, with grace with raw talent. “You have managed to shine in every room you enter and I will always love you.”

At the billboard women in music, her fans thought that she is mom’s tina twin with curly hair at billboard women in music event.

Beyonce looked stunning in the short clip in which she filmed herself for the speech. the singer was glowing, she wore minimal makeup, and she also tied her hair into a tight ponytail. she flaunted on social media with her looks. some fans pointed out that she was becoming the clone of her mom, Tina Knowles, with the look.

Beyonce Surprise Appearance

Image Source: NPR

Oof, if Beyonce doesn’t be out here looking like her mama! someone wrote. “When she does her hair in a certain way she instantly becomes ms Tina!” someone else added, “baby Beyonce started to look like a Tina Clone and I am here for all of it.” additionally a fan with the Instagram name ‘Beyonce for president’ stated, “she is looking more and more like tina every day.”

Bey discovered the girl after seeing the cover songs that they had posted on YouTube. after listing to them she became the mentor to them and helped them to sign the Parkwood entertainment.

Although the moment was for Chole X Halle. They shined as bright as they performed and accepted the honor. They scored two Grammy nominations in 2019, and are up to for three more in 2021.

their most recent album Ungodly Hour came out in June in the mid of the coronavirus pandemic and was praised by fans and critics alike.

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