Tom Felton is already tearing up while re-watching for the first time the Harry Potter series

Tom Felton Updates: Tom Felton, who is an English actor and is famous for his character Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter film series. The iconic Felton has started to watch the movies after 20 years for the first time in his life.

He had watched the film, Harry Potter, for 11 minutes and 11 seconds when he was live on Instagram. So the fans can see his reaction to this film. He completed another 11 minutes of the film. After that, he lost his time and ended it with 22 minutes.

Tom Felton emotion with Harry Potter

Tom Felton get emotional while he kept watching Harry Potter. When John Williams’s score kicked in the beginning part of the movie, Felton was upset, and his tears were visible.

While his 11-year-old c0satr debut as Harry Potter, Felton told that Radcliffe is looked like five and told himself come on, do it together, and his tears came up.

While he was sharing delicacy about the set and the Hagrid’s accent, he continued with that the movie isn’t bad for anyone, especially those who didn’t see it once in a life.

Image Source: Yahoo Movie UK

Again, he said that he never thinks that this is the first time with this footage since the launching of the premiere. He cannot catch what is going on, but it is an amazing one.

This scene watched for the first time by him. Additionally, He said that they think is going in the right way, and all of us have been watching the same thing. He also shared that he was a little sort for his tear instead of giving the commentary, but it would be good.

Stories and details from the set

Felton said Professor McGonagall is his hero while he saw her for the first time on the set. But, it isn’t unfolded what he meant the character of the film or the actor who portrayed the role.

He kept an envelope from the scene where the owls trying to deliver Harry those letters which are shared by the actor in his second video.

Felton wants to see his character, but he would kill it very soon. The first scene of the characters got seen on the Hogwarts Express, and Platform 9 ¾ was the last scene of the actor.

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