Ellen DeGeneres Tests Positive for COVID-19

Ellen DeGeneres: The 62-year-old Ellen DeGeneres is found to be positive with the Corona Virus. She had revealed the news on Instagram yesterday that even though she is COVID-19 positive, she is feeling right.

She informed that everyone who was in close contact with her was notified. She also told me that she is following all the CDC guidelines.

She also wrote, “see you all again after the holidays,”. Then she asked everyone to stay healthy and safe. Ending her message with “Love, Ellen.”

After DeGeneres made this announcement last morning, all the production of her show was paused until January. There were however many controversies about The Ellen DeGeneres Show, allegations were made that the show was a “toxic” work environment.

But she also said that she was sorry for all those affected by the show’s allegedly “toxic” work environment. She further said that they hope the show can still be a place of happiness and joy.

Proper precautions are taken by Ellen DeGeneres…

Image Source: The Quint

We have learned that she was trying to be as careful as possible while filming. All the members were also tested at regular intervals for Corona Virus, and all the necessary precautions were also taken to keep everyone feeling comfortable and good.

It is said that the TV show host tried her level best to protect herself and others around her from COVID-19, even when she met her friends in Montecito she was wearing masks and distanced.

What is her current situation?

As of now, she is quarantined at home. She is said to be feeling OK and is focused on getting better and healthy again.

Ellen’s news about testing positive comes after rising coronavirus numbers across the country and renewed stay-at-home orders, including one in Los Angeles County, which will remain in effect until at least 28 December.

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