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Christmas Ever After Actress Ali Stroker Disability is not a hinderance to create history

Christmas Ever After
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Christmas Ever After Updates: Ali Stroker(Alyson Mackenzie Stroker) has created history with her performance in ‘Christmas Ever After.’

Christmas Ever After is Lifetime’s recently released movie in its’ annual It’s A Wonderful Lifetime lineup. The Tony Award winner Ali Stroker plays the main lead as Izzi, a popular romance novelist who likes to spend her every Christmas at her favorite snowy bed and breakfast, but this year brings her an obstacle with an imminent deadline and a severe case of writer’s block. Daniel di Tomasso is seen playing the role of Matt, the new owner of B&B, who resembles the handsome hero from Izzi’s novel.

Christmas Ever After Ali Stroker Shared her Opinion

It was the first movie on Lifetime starring a lead actor with a disability. The movie is an addition to Lifetime’s dedication to inclusion and diversity. Ali considers her disability as a gift that she gets to bring her disability to every character that she plays.

Ali shared her opinion saying,  “First of all, Lifetime is on the right side of history, Diversity is our world. It is our reality, and I just love that they are making this year’s Christmas movies include that so little kids at home who might feel like they’re different in their communities, might be watching the movie and see themselves represented, I didn’t have representation when I was a teenager, and it really affected me.

Christmas Ever After
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It is an honor to be able to bring this character to life because I am in a wheelchair, because I have a disability, all of the characters that I play are going to be in a chair, and I think that’s a gift to be able to bring my disability to every character I play.”

She went on to tell about her love for the character Izzi. “She was a hopeless romantic, and she was really immersed in her career, which is something that I completely identify with, But she knew that she really wanted love in her life, and I just love the way in which the story unfolds, where her love interest looks exactly like the character that she writes about in her books.”

She also loved the way romance has been presented in the movie as Izzi and Matt’s love story starts out as a friendship and the characters didn’t just jump immediately into a relationship.

She also praised the safety protocols which were followed during the production and filming of the movie during the pandemic outbreak. Right from the check-ins to all the precautions taken, everything was perfect and made every single person feel safe in the sets.

Also, Ali and Daniel used plexiglasses between them for the kissing scenes keeping the ongoing pandemic in mind.

Christmas Ever After aired on Lifetime at 8 pm on 6 December. For more updates, keep watching this space.



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