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Lauren Graham and Peter Krause A Beautiful Timeline of lovely romance

Lauren Graham and Peter Krause
Image Source: Dailymotion

Lauren Graham and Peter Krause: There are so many couples in Hollywood, but Graham and Krause’s romance is the most famous love story.

The actors haven’t only won the awards but also winning the heart of each other.

Friendship turns into love between Lauren Graham and Krause.

Graham and Krause met for the first time in 1995 while both worked for Caroline in the City. With an instant connection, both of them came under friendship.

Peter told Live With Kelly in 2017 that they met with each other on the set of Caroline in the City.  She gave a green signal while asking him to move some furniture into her apartment, but he couldn’t get it. Further, both of them were come at the Screen Actors Guild Award 2002 and share the stage with an award.

They have been maintaining their friendship for long years. In 2010, they fall in love with each other when they appeared in NBC’s beloved drama Parenthood, where they played the role of sister and brother.

When they were spending time on set, they were too close to each other, and the attraction to each other came out. But, Graham wanted to keep Krause as a friend in the initial stage, she said to Good Housekeeping in 2017, and it didn’t take a long time to grow their friendship.

She said to the outlet that they couldn’t stay without talking. They wouldn’t only talk about themselves. They also discussed the world, family, and other things. Whenever they met, they won’t play any game. She said that she likes him and wants her, which gave her an understanding between them, and they will also maintain it in the future.

Togetherness for ten years between Graham and Krause

Lauren Graham and Peter Krause
Image Source: First for Women

The love relationship between them is coming into the spotlight in the set of Parenthood. From that time, they have been maintaining their connection with mutual understanding.

Krause said to Redbook in October 2020 that the fans weren’t able to know their relationship because both of them were staying at home and didn’t go out for chill. She also added that she wanted it personal because the fans know them as a brother and sister on that show.

They have come together on the red carpet and appearance as a couple in some event after that.  Although both of them came alongside only on a few occasions and their love for each other is evident today.

The star’s marriage isn’t disclosed yet though they were spotted together in a public event. Additionally, Graham told Redbook in 2010 that he is happy with it and he will unfold the future of him also.

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