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Chelsea Houska Best Reply to Her Haters

Chelsea Houska
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Chelsea Houska: Chelsea Houska is no doubt, one of the most famous teen moms. she has been an amazing star for the show-Teen Moms. But it is really sad to know that Houska has confirmed her exit from Teen Moms 2. MTV’s hit shows Teen Moms 2 will not be starring Houska anymore.

Chelsea Houska is saying goodbye to Teen Mom 2. She took it to Instagram to share the news. Well, as most of us are already aware that she is pregnant with her fourth child, it is sometimes that she faces the worst during these days and that is her lower back pain.

Just like most pregnant women, Chelsea also faces some lower back pain, which was one of the topics of why she was criticized.

Reason for Chelsea Houska saying goodbye to Teen Moms 2

The most famous teen mom will be no longer be a participant in the show Teen Mom 2. The actress has a huge following with 6 million Instagram followers, which already shows her big fan following.

But, with the huge fan following there comes chances of haters too. As she used to face haters and abusive comments regularly, this may be the reason for her saying goodbye to the famous show.

As it was revealed that, Chelsea was questioned for her back pain through Twitter tweets. One said, “I am just trying to figure out how she is complaining of her back already hurting?? come on.” As a reply Chesla posted explaining the Sciatic nerve pain that is very common in pregnant women.

Chelsea Houska
Image Source: TooFab

The abusive comments or tweets may be the reason Chelsea is out of this show. Post productions of the show were not done on time because of the covid-19 pandemic, so the show shows her early stages of pregnancy, which is maybe unknown to the people.

It has been also noted that the reason stated above may not be the actual reason for her leaving the show, but it may be because of her first child Aubree.

Chelsea is quite concerned for Aubree’s future and she does not want to display Aubree’s puberty in the spotlight. Chelsea is obviously known to the darker world of hater comments and abusive tweets, but her children are still away from all this. This is one of the reasons why she is far away from the show now.

What is after leaving the show?

Chelsea is one of the fearless actresses we know. She always tries to keep her fans updated about her life. Recently she was seen flaunting her baby bump in an Instagram post.

Her recent posts also show her plans for the future. A famous mom is out from the show but it will not stop her from getting appreciation for her work.

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