Undercover Season 3 Trailer, Cast and What we know so far

Undercover Season 3 Updates: Undercover Seasons 3, this series was created by Nico Moolenaar. It is a Belgian-Dutch TV series. Related to two undercover cops as an often for-profit criminal organization.

Closed with violence, betrayal, temptation, this series was set against west European scenery. This is the main spot in this series.

This is a criminal based drama, it is on Netflix all over the world, and got a positive reaction from the audience and well-rounded dynamics. Let’s watch the third season will reach the audience?

Undercover Season 3 Release Date

Undercover season-2 released worldwide on Nov 9, 2020. It has 10 episodes. None English dramas can reach an audience worldwide because of the story play, star cast, etc.

Why this series got streamers’ most popular series in the UK, US, and Latin America. In undercover season 1, the story is based on the drug business and in season 2 the story is based on illegal business tackling.

Of course, season 3 is based on illegal activity. There is no official announcement of season 3 by Netflix. But we can expect it in November 2021.

Undercover Season 3 Casting

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In undercover season 2 Anna Drijver as Kim De Rooij acts as Dutch authorities. Tom Waes as Bob Lemmens acts as a Belgian police force. Both are worked together to find the crime.

As these two important characters played in season 2 will come back in season 3 for sure. The additional star cast is Elise Schaap as Danielle, Kevin Janssens as Jurgen, Frank Lammers as Ferry, Raymond Thiry as John. But we can expect more actors should take a lead in Undercover season 3 probably.

 What can we Expect?

Netflix’s first Benelux original, In season 1 the story plot is related to a drug offense Bob and Kim work together to stop the drug business in Limburg, the Dutch province bordering Belgium. These two cops will handle the case and successful in completing a mission plan.

Season 2 takes place after season 1 of undercover. In season 2 Bob is police and Kim is inhuman rights these two pair come together and work on illegal arms project which is widely spread on Belgium.

They go undercover to handle the case and Ferry Bowman drug dealer in season 1 track by cops. Season 2 related to the arms trade. Similarly in Undercover season 3, we can expect the is related to crime and discover an illegal business we can expect these two pair come back in season 3 also. People are expected to season 3.


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