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Google Pixel 5: Some units face volume bugs

Google Pixel 5

The Google Pixel 5 has just had a pretty rough beginning, because of issues relating to display glitches, the battery marker slowing down, a proximity sensor gleam bug, and now new to the list- volume level issues on some devices.

Developing reports on Google’s Support Forums contain grievances over the volume level control on new Pixel 5 units. The issues show in two regions. Initially, when watching video content, the volume level can just haphazardly drop with such a notice. Also, you may unexpectedly see enormous knock-in system volume levels, for example, warning tones, contact sounds, a screen capture snap, and system sounds. The bug is that when increasing or lowering the system level volume controls and sliders, the issues actually persevere on some Pixel 5 handsets. 

Google Pixel 5 Some units face volume bugs

Google Pixel 5  Some units face volume bugs

Reports of this issue have been around since mid-October, yet have been developing on platforms like Reddit as more individuals have gotten their pre-order and received the gadget. Fortunately, Google is currently mindful of the volume issues tormenting some Google Pixel 5 users and a Google Community Specialist gave the accompanying reaction over on the Pixel Help Forums.

It says that with each new Pixel telephone, they will work to improve volumes to ensure clients don’t miss significant calls and notices. On Pixel the settings for ringtones and warnings are integrated so these volume changes influence both of these settings. The team is much obliged to the users for their criticism about these settings and they will attempt to make upgrades in future reports on Pixel 5. 

Having encountered this by and by, it tends to be very disturbing to have your smartphone abruptly go boom when you thought you set the volume to its most reduced level. Obviously, a transitory arrangement is essential to place your telephone into vibrate or quiet mode — something which you may effectively need to do consistently whenever burdened. 

Google’s reaction to public objections highlights a fix for this bug in the (ideally) not very inaccessible future. In the event that you are experiencing volume issues on your Pixel 5, you can generally present a bug report by going to Settings > About telephone > Send input about this gadget, which may help in figuring everything out even sooner. 

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