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The Princess Switch 3: Confirmed Release Details by Netflix

The Princess Switch 3 has been officially confirmed by Netflix and the lead star Vanessa Hudgens on Entertainment Tonight. So, when fans can expect the third installment of the Netflix Original Film?

The Princess Switch: Switched Again (Sequel) of the hit Netflix Original film has been released today on Netflix, and fans are expecting more from the franchise, So here we have discussed its possibilities.

Is The Princess Switch 3 Confirmed by Netflix?

The good news for the Christmas rom-com lovers as Netflix has confirmed the third part of The Princess Switch and told that it’s on the way and production will also be started in Scotland next year as it will be released next year during Christmas.

The lead star Vanessa Hudgens had also hinted about the thirds installment during an interview with Entertainment Today, She told: “Nothing has been filmed yet, but, you know, we gotta keep the Christmas spirit alive”.

What could be the plot of The Princess Switch 3?

The Princess Switch 3
The Princess Switch: Switched Again. Vanessa Hudgens as Stacy / Margaret / Fiona in The Princess Switch: Switched Again. Cr. NETFLIX © 2020

As The Princess Switch: Switched Again is all about the three characters of Vanessa Hudgens, the fourth one may be about the fourth character’s addition, But Hudgens said “No, god, no. I’m just going to crush that rumor now,” on the fourth character in the third installment. And she added “That is not happening. No one gets their hopes up for that.”

So, the third part of The Princess Switch may be completely different in the respect of the two sequels.

When will The Princess Switch 3 be released?

As per the report of Variety, it’s confirmed that the third part will be coming soon, And the production has also been planned for 2021. So we can say that the next installment will be released in 2021.

Who will return in Part 3?

Vanessa Hudgens will return with her three roles
Sam Palladio will reprise his role, Prince Edward
Nick Sagar will also return with his role
Alexa Adeosun will reprise as Olivia Richards
Suanne Braun will play the role of Mrs. Donatelli

Other major characters will be:
Marl Fleischmann, Sara Stewart, Amy Griffiths, Pavel Douglas, Robin Soans, Clara Ciobanu, Joe Cameron Brown, and many more.

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