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One Piece Chapter 993: Release Date, Time and the Spoiler of the manga

One Piece Chapter 993
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One Piece Chapter 993 Updates: Here is great news for manga lovers. Your one of the most favorite and the longest-running manga of the world, Chapter 993, is back with bombastic news.

You have been resumed to the regular schedule of the manga. That is to say after a short pause Chapter 993 is back with a bang. This time you are going to witness the 1000th chapter of the manga, which has already been released.

I know you really must be amazed by this gala breakout. So, to get some idea of the new chapter, read through this article.

When has the One Piece Chapter 993  released? 

As per the notification that we have received, the 1000th chapter of the manga has already traced its way on Sunday, October 25th, 2020.

What has been the release time of the manga?

As per the schedule, we have received, the manga has been released on particular dates and times for the viewers abroad. Go through the enumerated list below:

  • Pacific Time: 9 in the morning on Sunday, 25th October
  • Central Time: 11 in the morning on Sunday, 25th October
  • Eastern Time: Noon on Sunday, 25th October
  • British Time: 5 in the evening, on Sunday, 25th October

What is the spoiler One Piece Chapter 993? 

One Piece Chapter 993
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Be aware! Spoiler below. Do not read if you do not want to break the suspense of the series? Okiku’s arm is cut by Kido and flying Sixto is ordered by the king to get to bring Momonosuke.

Sasaki is able to pick out Momonosike but he is protected by Yamato. It will also be revealed to us that Bullets queen will be consuming something really special.

Lord Oden’s silhouette behind the Nine Red Scabbards is seen by Kaido when he gets up from his sleep. But it is acknowledged by him that in no way possible he can cure his wounds. A counter-attack is also plotted by the beast pirate when he recovers.

Moreover, you will see the chapter concluding with a great surprise or a grand revelation. With all these great surprises on board, you must be really very excited to binge-watch your favorite series. Stay tuned!

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