Let Them All Talk Trailer: A glimpse of Meryl Streep’s Awry trip

Let Them All Talk
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Let Them All Talk Updates: Finally, HBO Max decided to finally give Steven Soderbergh’s fans a good look at his upcoming movie Let Them All Talk, a good look through an official trailer of the same. A brief appetizer in the form of a highlight reel was released by HBO Max way back in July.

Let Them All Talk: Who will be in the cast of the movie?

The cast of Let Them All Talk includes Meryl Streep, Dianne Wiest, Candice Bergen, Lucas Hedges, and Gemma Chan among others.

Let Them All Talk: Overview of the film

Written by Deborah Eisenberg, Let Them All Talk seems to be a light movie compared to Soderbergh’s previous two films and can be considered a streamer jump for the director.

The movie revolves around Streep who plays the role of a famous author and she decides to take a girls trip with two of her very good friends played by Wiest and Bergen.

The trip becomes more exciting when the author’s(Streep) nephew played by Hedges also takes the trip along with the three friends and gets caught up in the drama which is going on between the three friends during the girls’ trip.

Let Them All Talk
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Like this excitement wasn’t enough in the movie, to make things even better we will also see the author’s literary agent (played by Chan) take a part in all this drama that is unfolding between the friends.

‘Let Them All Talk’ trailer gives a perfect insight into why Soderbergh is a loved and talented director. Though the previous two movies directed by him were all intense and heavy-hearted, he is no less when it comes to making light-hearted movies such as this upcoming one ‘Let Them All Talk’. Also, the trio of very talented actors will make the movie a definitely fun watch with their skills.

‘Let Them All Talk’: When and where will the movie release?

The movie ‘Let Them All Talk’ is set to premiere on HBO Max in the following month, which is December 10, 2020. Also, the official trailer of the movie is available for the fans to watch.

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