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Crazy, Not Insane: Know Everything About the Film

Crazy, Not Insane

Introduction: Crazy, Not Insane features a psychological documentary based on studies of a psychiatrist. The documentary shows the efforts made by Dr. Dorothy Otnow Lewis that she made in her study of criminal minds.

Through her thesis and researches she tried to learn how a criminal mind works or why do people commit murders. Here are some more details that might catch your interest.

Cast and Crew: Update

Alex Gibney adds Crazy, Not Insane in his list of direction credits for HBO after Agents of Chaos. Laura Dern narrates Alex Gibney’s writings in Crazy, Not Insane.

Alex Gibney, Ophelia Harutyunyan, Erin Edeiken, and Joey Marra are responsible for the product under the Jigsaw Productions and HBO Documentary Films.

Crazy, Not Insane-

We also see Richard Burr, Catherine Yeager, Bill Hagmaier, and Park Dietz making a few appearances in the film. Andy Grieve edited the film and Will Bates provides the music.

Crazy, Not Insane: Description

Following Dr. Lewis in her interviews and study related to murderers and convicts, we get a chance to explore a different aspect of their psychology.

The first interview featured in Crazy, Not Insane is of Joseph Paul Franklin aka multiple Slayer followed by about 20 such interviews. Some more names of the serial killers whose interviews are in the documentary are Ted Bundy, Mandy Moore, and Sam Jones.

Except for the notes, we see some video footage and audiotape excerpts from the original tapes. Dr. Lewis explains that the psychological trauma that the convicts suffered at some point in their lives plays a key role in their wrongdoings.

Crazy, Not Insane: Release Date

The first premiere of Crazy, Not Insane was on 18 March 2020 at (CPH: DOX) Copenhagen International Documentary Festival.

At the same time the broadcasting network, HBO released the 117 minutes long documentary film on 18 November 2020. If you want to know that can you ever turn into a criminal then watch the film as Dr. Lewis has got some answers for you.

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