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Keanu Reeves infringes the COVID 19 country laws by hosting a party. Know more about it.

Keanu Reeves
Image Source: New York Post

Keanu Reeves Updates: According to recent news, one of the cast members of Matrix 4 held a wrap party for over 200 members. This calls for serious discussion now as this is completely contrary to the COVID 19 laws.

This cast member, Keanu Reeves along with the other cast members are the chief subjects of controversy now for breaking the pandemic laws of the country.

The team had resumed their production after the recent leniency in-laws and were there for a shoot. The crew had infringed the rules of the government by holding such a party.

As per the reports of Guardian, the party was planned in the name of a shoot so as not to be made defaulters of the laws of the land. The same happened on November 11.

Keanu Reeves hosting a party

German outlet Bild is of the opinion that one of the attendees of the party was Keanu, who was coupled with his partner, Alexandra Grant. The party is known to have taken place at Babelsberg film studios, which is approximately half an hour from central Berlin.

Keanu Reeves
Image Source: The Guardian


Previously, the government had allowed partying to some extent in Berlin and its neighboring regions. But such a party cannot have more than 5o attendees present.

However, the attendees have to mandatorily maintain social distancing and wear masks. Also, the rules of hygiene and safety have to be strictly abided by.

Bianca Makarewicz, the spokeswoman of  Studio Babelsberg, explained that the producer said that it was merely a celebration shoot. They also stated positively that all the rules and regulations have been taken into consideration for it as well. Moreover, the team had planned this at the very conclusion of the movie.

As shocking as it may sound, Potsdam, the city spokesman, responsible for giving permission for parties, held a very differ5ent view. Well, we learned from him that he hasn’t been informed at all that a part is going to happen soon in the place.

Still, he made it clear that “There were ongoing discussions between the health authority and the studios on the topic of infection protection during filming.”

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