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Sophia Loren Return to Movies With Netflix- Click to know Details

Sophia Loren
Image Source: Empire

Sophia Loren Returns: Six years ago, Sophia Loren retired from the filming & Almodóvar had recently changed during the closure, and Anna Magnani and Ingrid Bergman had faced it decades earlier.

In this 25-minute project, directed by her son Edoardo Ponti, Loren plays a solitary female but a housewife in Italy, talking to a man she once loved over a softphone.

“The only thing left between us is a cell phone,” Loren said in the film, her voice broken.

Somehow, that short feels like a prediction of Loren’s health today, as the coronavirus has forced many to isolate themselves – including a myth that goes on and on, easy laughs, and often during a 90-minute call.

The Italian star, the first person in any country to win an Oscar for a non-English game, lives in Geneva, far away from his two American sons, composer Carlo Ponti Jr. and film director Edoardo, and his four grandchildren.

Loren and her family talk almost every day, but it is difficult for the actor, who has set aside his work for a certain amount of time to spend more time with his children and their children, is cut off like this.

What a privilege it was at the time to be able to shoot the actor – for the first time since he played a small role in “Nine” music in 2009 – with Edoardo Ponti before COVID-19 made him unable to walk.

Ponti knew she wanted to be a director, just as her mother had heard of her fate. Luck may have played a role, but Loren believes there was no alternative.

What Sophia Loren has to say about her Return?

Sophia Loren
Image Soure: Today Show

In “The Life Ahead,” the story touched Loren’s heart. According to the novel, this latest version is told from a young Momo perspective, requiring the kind of subtlety that captivates this enthusiastic artist, with his famous Neapolitan personality – meaning, “The Life Ahead” reveals the side that many Loren’s audiences did not see.

Anna Magnani was “the best Italian actress,” according to Loren’s proportions, and Gina Lollobrigida paved the way for the Italian sex symbol several years ago.

But no one entered the international market as did Loren – where they were honored with the prestigious 1991 Oscar.

Loren became the second non-English character to be nominated for a non-English speaking role. He did not attend the event but stayed in Italy, sleeping that night hoping to lose either Audrey Hepburn (“Tiffany’s breakfast”) or Natalie Wood (“Splendor in the Grass”).