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Law & Order: SVU: Star Ice-T Shared Filming Updates on Season 22

Law & Order: SVU: Season 22
Image Source: TV Insider

Law & Order: SVU Updates: Law and Order: Special Victims Unit star Ice-T has given fans a Season 22 shooting update in another video from the show’s set.

In a Twitter post on Thursday, Ice shared a video of himself wearing a mask and giving fans a look around the socially inaccessible set. He clarified that they are as of now recording Episode 5 of the new season, and at the time were taking a shot at the shooting of “the live open.”

What Law & Order: SVU: Star Ice-T has to say about Season 22?

Ice-T at that point panned the camera around, giving us a view of the production and the background crew along with the markers where the actors remain during shooting. As Ice flaunted the set, he happened on actress Jamie Gray Hyder — who plays Officer Kat Azar Tamin on SVU — and called to our attention that she was on her marker, prepared for recording.

Ice at that point acquainted fans with SVU’s on-set Coronavirus fellow, whose work it is to make sure individuals maintain social distancing. He likewise ensures that everybody keeps “their makes on.”

Ice additionally demonstrated that the Coronavirus fellow is liable for checking everybody’s temperature. That is how they got the approval for the five episodes. He asked everyone to follow the health guidelines.

Law & Order: SVU: Season 22
Image Source: TV Guide

Law and Order: SVU restarted production in September after the pandemic constraints shut down in the spring. Ice-T later shared some minor subtleties on the safeguards the cast and production group were taking so as to protect themselves from the spread of the infection.

In the wake of being asked by a Twitter client in the event that they would all be wearing covers in the scenes, he answered, that they don’t wear masks in full scenes, and when they do, they are socially separated as seen in the first episodes.

In June, show showrunner Warren Leight talked with The Hollywood Reporter and affirmed that the new season of the show would handle pressing points like the pandemic and the far-reaching fights started by police brutality cases.

He said they will discover their way in to recount the story. Leight expressed his concerns for the law enforcement unit and how cops should try to understand how they should protect the citizens of all races alike.

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