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We Are The Champions: Will be soon on Netflix, Click for more detail

we are the champions

We Are The Champions Update: Netflix is going to air a fun sports reality show, We Are The Champions. Originally the show had a run between 1973 to 1995 in the US. But now, Netflix is all set to stream the docuseries including the most bizarre of games. Remember the date, 17 November 2020 to tune in to the streamer if you want to watch this quirky game show.

The presenter or commentator of the show is Rian Wilson while Dirty Robber handles the production. Wilson is also one of the executive directors of We Are The Champions. Let us take a look at the games which the show features.

Netflix We Are The Champions: Updatewe are the champions-

  • Chili Eating: All the pepper eating masochists around the world will try to claim the championship. The world’s hottest pepper by Smokin’ Ed Currie is ready to burn every contestant with his creation. Dare you, give it a try.
  • Cheese Rolling: This one is inspired by a cheese rolling game played in an English village. These competitors will run down a steep hill to cross the finish line. In the way, they have to risk some of their bones which can easily get a fracture if the slip-up. Well, the title of the championship will be worth the risk.
  • Fantasy Hair Styling: One of the most demanding and tricky competition. New Orleans will witness a vision of Mardi Gras of the models. The participants will sculpture and elaborate on their hairstyles and give them a new look.
  • Frog Jumping: The show goes to the origins of the game in Angels Camp, California. The one who hops the highest sweeps the title. Will someone be able to break the record set by Rosie the Rebeter? Let’s watch and find out.
  • Yo-Yo: As a kid, every one of us was interested in the yo-yo. Let us get some nostalgia by watching these teen masters of Yo-yo in Cleveland, Ohio. How would it be like to watch a world championship for Yo-Yo?
  • Dog Dancing: We have seen a group or couple of dance, a lot. How about watching dogs as dance partners? Yes, dogs can be amazing dance partners. Watch to know who is the best dancer.

This show is going to be a lot of fun as sports can not be made more fun than this. Tell me your views on Netflix’s decision to air We Are The Champions. Meanwhile, stay tuned!

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