Lucifer Season 5 part 2: Everything We Know So Far

In Lucifer Season 5, Dan Espinoza (completed with the useful resource of the use of Kevin Alejandro). Basically, discovered Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) right identity due to the fact the Satan. Hence, this means that Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia) is the best individual in his close circle. Precisely, who does now not recognize he is the fact. Will she find out in season five, component 2? We have everything you need to understand.

Will Ella discover Lucifer is the satan after assembly God?

At the quit of Lucifer season five. Moreover, in component one, fanatics, in the end, have been given to meet God (Dennis Haysbert). Precisely, Lucifer’s father.

The season five finale ended on a huge cliffhanger, with God coming face to face collectively alongside together along with his sons Amenadiel (DB Woodside), Lucifer, and Michael (moreover Ellis).

He moreover had to face the demon Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt), who grew to emerge as in competition to Amenadiel and Lucifer to element with Michael.

Ella is a spiritual Christian, overcoming the catastrophe of faith she professional in season four following the lack of existence of Charlotte Richards (Tricia Helfer).

She said: “The first time I see him, [Lucifer’s] like, ‘This is my Dad.’

“I’m like, ‘Oh my God.’ And he’s like, ‘Thank you for your support.’ And I’m like, ‘Huh?”

However, Garcia discovered out she may be capable of live clueless about Lucifer and God’s supernatural identities, at least for the time being.

She added: “Girl, for as smart as Ella is, she clueless. OK? She is clueless.

“I mean, she although thinks that Lucifer is sincerely an unemployed actor who, like, really in no manner gets a job.”

What Enthusiasts Have To Say.

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“Oh my God. I think I even added a few elements in which, you understand, at the same time as Dennis, at the same time as [Lucifer’s] like, ‘This is my dad,’ I’m like, ‘Oh, adopted.’”

Garcia moreover shared what her first scene emerges as like with 24 actor Haysbert as God.

She said: “What’s actually a laugh about their first time withinside the episode in which God for the number one time will become human.

“So, it’s actually a laugh because of the truth I’m in a scene in which he research having to pee for the number one time, having thoughts freeze from a Slurpee for the number one time.”

Lucifer fanatics have taken to Reddit to share how they want Ella to find out about his true identity.

Reddit customer h2p012 said: “Personally if she exhibits out I think it is probably first-rate to have Azrael involved somehow.

“Maybe she with the aid of using coincidence sees Lucifer’s Satan face. And [it’s] Azrael who calms her down and talks sense into her.”

Another fan said: “We sincerely already understand she meets God. The question is, is the fact that he is sincerely God is discovered out to her or now not. That we don’t have any idea at all.”

MLGorilla2 commented: “Part of me hopes she might now no longer find out. Also as I think that if she ever were to find out it might inevitably cause a high shift in their relationships.

“I in my opinion think that their complete Big brother, Lil sis. Hence, surely a platonic form of relationship is right for her as a Christian and him due to the fact the actual satan”

Lucifer season 5 is streaming on Netflix now.

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