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The Fungies

The Fungies: Updates: An American animated television series, this was originally produced by Cartoon Network Studios and was greenlit for a series in July 2019 but was later being shelved when ordered by HBO Max. Created by Stephen Neary who served as the main whiz for the projects  Clarence, The Angry Birds Movie, and  The Peanuts Movie, it first debuted on HBO Max on August 20, 2020, based on the 2017 pilot The Fancies. It  has received appreciation  for being a frolicsome watch for kids with a texture of farcical yet emotional exhaustion  which accredits it as  an adult cartoon show

The Fungies: Where to stream it?

Through its length of 40 episodes alone in its 1st season woven with the whimsical quests of the prime mover, it fascinates viewers of all age categories and is still streaming on HBO Max

Story details

The Fungies-

It’s highly contagious for its preposterous blend of imagination; a prehistoric adjustment of the spore-producing organisms fomenting the cohabitation of dinosaurs and the fungal colony, talking tree stumps and the bipedal fungi dismantling their body parts into fragments like organic Transformers.

Set in a mycological metropolis of Fungietown, the series enthralls Seth, one of the young mushrooms in the town who is also the main protagonist as he takes on scientific experimentation triggering trouble for the locals and assimilating understanding of values, friendship, honesty through his seamed experiences.

A surely well-laid effectuation of an intricate plot with pockets of mature content reflected in some dialogues like a Brontosaurus sighing “ I am lonely a lot  “ that corresponds to the audience. The catchy theme song “ We are the Fungies, prehistoric fungi in a mushroom town !!” and the storyboard crammed with conscientious fungi-citizens and their micro moral predicament sparing the polished vividness of the animation, hits the spot as a kid-friendly adult cult classic in the register.

Know about the cast and characters Of The Fungies

Each of the 12 -minute long episodes follows the precocious 10-year -old mushroom scientist, Seth ( mouthed by Harry Teitelman), his older, more mature brother Pascal ( voiced by Neary himself ), younger semi-conjoined shapeshifting sisters duo named The Twins ( Tama Brutsche lending her voice to it) and their loving to a fault mother Dr.Nancy ( played by Jennifer Coolidge ) procreating the concept into a real-like dimension.

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