My Hero Academia 289: Will be out on Nov 1 and Huge fight between heroes and villains

My Hero Academia 289 Updates: As of now, there has been no confirmation by MangaPlus or Viz regarding the delay of the 289th chapter of `My Hero Academia` after the manga went on an interval after releasing it’s 288th chapter. We will get to witness the awaited fight between Ochako Uraraka and Himiko Toga in this chapter.

In the previously released chapter of the manga, a storm took over the city when Gigantomochia, escorted by Villians entered. Their purpose was to initiate a reunion with Tomura Shigaraki.

As per sources, we are sure that there will break a fight between Ochako Uraraka and Himiko Toga in the 289th chapter of `My Hero Academia` keeping in mind the different perspectives they have. In the previous chapter, we saw how Ochako Huraraka was cunningly led by Himiko Toga to an old abandoned when she had taken the form of an old lady.

If we are to believe Blocktoro, there is also a probability that Endeavor or Shoto, being related might be dragged into a fight instigated by Dabi who seems to be chilled out.

With Deku determined to stop the war between the antagonists and the heroes of ` My Hero Academia`, chapter 289th of the manga promises us a lot of interesting fights.

Image Source: BlockToro

The cliff-hanger of the initial few pages which left the fans in suspense will also be addressed in the forthcoming chapter.

My Hero Academia 289 Release Date

In the upcoming chapter of the Manga, we will see Toga luring Uraraka as she uses her peculiar habit of turning into an old woman and exploit Uraraka’s helpful nature by asking her to help her carry her husband which is difficult to do alone considering her old age, she comes to her real form and attacks Uraraka as soon as she agrees to the plea.

According to the schedule, Chapter 289 of My Hero Academia is expected to be released on November 1, 2020, Sunday.

Though we could not get much of a hold on the spoilers for the 289th chapter of the famous Japanese Manga as the detailed spoilers for the same is yet to be released, we will surely keep the fans posted about any new update we can get a hold of.

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