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Love & Anarchy: Netflix Official Release date & What we know so far

Love & Anarchy

The series, Love & Anarchy traces the game which a mother of two plays with a young IT consultant.  Initially, the game starts as a flirty one but later on turns into something unexpected. Love & Anarchy is a Swedish drama of the comedy genre arriving soon on the Netflix platform. The series’ director is Lisa Langseth along with Alex Haridi, Antonia Pyk, and Amanda Hogberg being the chief writers for the series. Additionally, Pontus Edgren, along with Martina Hakansson as the executive producers.

The release date for Love & Anarchy

The series would air on 4th November 2020 on the Netflix platform. Now that the official date is out, please mark the date on your calendar and binge-watch this series.

Plot details for Love & Anarchy

Love & Anarchy-

Sofie, a mother of two is a career-driven female, who by profession is a consultant.  She gets several assignments, one of them includes modernizing an old publishing house. Here she encounters another young IT technician guy, Max. Both eventually start flirting, when Max and Sofie challenge each other to do something out of the way, which would question the societal norms.   The game starts with innocent intentions, but soon it blows up and turns into something unexpected.

The Cast details for Love & Anarchy

  • Ida Engvoll playing as Sofie. Ida is quite famous for her role such as Sanja from A Man Called Ove, Kim from White Trash, Rebecka Martinsson from Rebecka Martinson: Artic Murders. In the year, 2017, she was even nominated for Kristallen as the Best Actress for the role, Rebecka Martinson.
  • Reine Brynolfsson playing as Friedrich Jagersedt.  Reine is quite famous for his roles. Such as Captain Beauvais from Les Miserables, Spoken from the Bomber, Paradise, Under the Pyramid, Ravens, Sprig Tide, and Thin Ice. In 1986, he even won the Best Actor award at the Danish Film Awards.

The rest of the cast consists of Bjorn Mosten playing Max, Bjorn Kjellman portraying Ronny, Johannes Bah Kuhnke portraying Johan, and so on.

The trailer update

The trailer for this series was out recently, but it was quite weird. Here you can witness, an IT guy and a consultant play a dangerous game which involves doing audacious dares and exposing photos. This series is going to be a quite hilarious one and will be another gem added to Netflix’s international rom-com genre.

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