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Blood of Zeus Season 2 Expected Release Date and Other Details

Blood of zeus season 2

Blood of Zeus Season 2 Updates: Netflix’s latest anime Blood of Zeus has been released, and fans are expecting to renewed its Season 2 soon.

What to Expect from Blood of Zeus Season 2?

Season 2 will continue German mythology to the next level and will deliver stunning visuals and genuine animation.

The Plot of ‘Blood of Zeus’ is based on the war of Greek Gods and Titans, which was intervened by Heron who is the son of Greek God Zeus.

Zeus also thinks that his son Heron can lead the troop against the giant Titans.

Will Blood of Zeus Season 2 be renewed?

Blood of zeus season 2 details

Officially, Netflix has not announced yet that the Season 2 of Zeus will be renewed or not, But very soon the production house will announce the show with Netflix on audience demand.

The Release Date

We can expect Season 2 of the anime series in early 2022, As the Powerhouse Animation studio is working on mid-2021.

The Story of Season 2

The Finale of Season 1 ended with the battle of Gods and Titans in which the team of Gods is lead by Heron. As Zeus and Hera are dead now so a new leader will be required in season 2, So the story of Heron will be explored more in Season 2. Season 2 will explore the power struggle between

Is there any trailer available?

The trailer of Season 2 is not available right now, We can expect the trailer in the mid of 2021 along with Castlevania’s next season.

The Voice-Over Artists of Season 2

The Voice-Over Artists of this season will also be featured in Season 2, which are as follows:

Derek Philips has given voice to Heron
Jason O’Mara to Zeus
Cluadia Christian to Hera
Elias Toufexis to Seraphim
Jessica Henwick as Alexia