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Blood of Zeus Season 2: Will it be renewed by Netflix? – Release Date & Plot

Blood of zeus season 2

Blood of Zeus Season 2 Updates: Netflix’s latest animated series related to Castlevania has been released on Netflix, But will Blood of Zeus be returned for Season 2?

The action genre animated series which has been produced by Powerhouse is a Greek Mythological series. And the series has not competed with the Castlevania series as per the rating on IMDb. So, whether the series will be renewed or not it’s a tough question.

Will Blood of Zeus renewed for Season 2?

Blood of zeus season 2 details

The Animation Studio ‘Powerhouse’ had produced Castlevania which was a great success on Netflix, But the Blood of Zeus is not getting such responses from the audience. Netflix has not announced its Season 2, But the Powerhouse may push the series for Season 2 as the company is already working on the same.

The series and animation type are really new so, we think that the audience will interact with it properly in the incoming seasons. So we can expect Season 2 in 2021.

What can be the plot of Season 2?

As we know season 1 is about Heron – a group of people who lives outside Greece and there is a war between Gods and Titans. And Heron who discovered that he is the son of Zeus, he is the only hope to win against the Titans, He is the one who can save humanity and the gods of Olympus.

The whole season is based on ancient wars and demons, So we can say that Season 2 will be based on Heron’s back story and introduction to other important characters.

The Voice Cast of ‘Blood of Zeus’

The latest Netflix Series has very famous voice-over artists such as Derek Phillips, Mamie Gummer, Jason O’Mara, Claudia Christan, Eliaas Toufexias, Melina Kanaakeredes, Jesica Henwick, and Chris Diamaantopoulos.

When will Trailer be dropped?

The Trailer of Blood of Zeus Season 2 will be released by Netflix, sometime in 2021. You can enjoy the Season 1 Trailer and the whole season on Netflix.