Mayans MC Season 3: Renewal status, What to expect & Much more

Mayans MC Season 3 Updates: Is the war inevitable with Sons of Anarchy? The ending of season2 leaves the audience surprise and eager to find what is going to happen next.

Created by Kurt Sutter and Elgin James, Mayans MC is a Mexican American crime drama series, which was premiered on FX on 4th September 2018, having completed 2 seasons, with 20 episodes, is making its way for the third.

Past from season 2

The ending of season 2 has taken the audience on the rainbow of mixed feelings. EZ determines to find the murderer of his mother, Marisol, and somehow manages to accomplish it. In his way, he had to make a lot of sacrifices and had to make a lot of complicated decisions, this road was not easy for him.

The finale of season 2 had teased a war between Mayans and the SAMCRO. Though that would bring Santo Padre death and destruction Mayans can do nothing about it, as it became too late for it.

Mayans MC Season 3: What is to be expected

The audience would definitely want to see how things get going with a gang war between SAMCRO and would be a great and interesting development in the storyline especially, with everything that is going on, to be particular, Potter being on Angel’s back with Adelita.

We expect Miguel to stirrup things upon the discovery of the death of his mother. More importantly, his mother was killed by none other than a member of the Felipe family. In seek of revenge, it is expected that Miguel will not leave things at ease for Angel and EZ.

Return of Mayans MC Season 3

There is no official declaration or any update about the new season since the show renewed for the new season, during the pandemic a little thigs were revealed about the show, but now the show is put on the hold by the production due to the situations, but it is assured that the season 3 would surely return, this is also because of the deal that James had signed of a multi-year with the Fox 21 television.

So, the fans have no other choice than waiting for its return patiently.

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