His House Trailer: Netflix has some interesting twists to haunted house movies.

His House Trailer: His House is Netflix’s new upcoming horror movie directed by Remi Weekes and includes Sope Dirisu and Wunmi Mosaku as it’s core cast.

The trailer released by Netflix regarding the same assures us that there will be a fascinating twist to the famous Haunted House film. Remi Weekes is going to debut as a director in ‘His House’.

The movie stars ‘Gangs of London’ star Sope Dirisu and Lovecraft Country’s Wunmi Mosaku.

We catch a glimpse of the couple’s misery after setting foot in the new housing. Though we see a common portrayal of common paranormal activities initially, discrimination faced by the Sudanese couple in the so-called `first world` country of England is also brought to light.

We witness this discrimination when their caseworker simply asks them to prove themselves as `good ones` and their torment will be over.

Like the well renowned `Get Out` by Jordan Peele this movie also, very creatively talks about social issues. A variety of social concerns relevant to the thriller film has been bought into public views such as the upsetting act of racism, growing poverty, public housing, and asylum seekers to name a few amidst the innumerable important issues brimming in the society.

His House
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This upcoming unique horror movie by Netflix will be an accumulation of modern horror and seems promising enough to deliver us a movie different from other horror movies and thrillers with just scares from the paranormal world.

His House: Release date

Remi Weekes’ debut film `His House` will be dropping on the streaming platform Netflix on October 30, 2020. The official trailer has already been released and provides the viewers an insight into the horror movie.

His House: Overview

After barely escaping from the war-torn region of South Sudan, a young and distressed Sudanese couple strives to make their place and start a new life.

They reside in a tiny town of England where some great evil is ready to haunt them in their freshly started life. Along with the creepy scares and haunts, this movie also throws light upon some grave social issues.

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