Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Episode 2: Gu Ra-ra meets with an injury and Jun is her rescuer but will he stay?

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Episode 2 Updates: Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ Episode 1 ended with Jun (Lee Jae-wook) and Gu Ra-ra (Go Ara) meeting with an accident and got severely injured after a second distraction caused by her dog Mimi who seemed to be throwing up.

In episode 2, we see Jun, who had met Ra-ra at her wedding first when he has delivered her bouquet, taking caution of Ra-ra as her hands are fractured. She ends up put together a huge amount of debt with Jun who ends up picking up her bills.

He also recuses her live in the hospital until she gets nicer since she seems to have no one to help her.

When he questions her to go her husband to repay the money he spent at the hospital, she says that her husband ran away. Jun was seriously very curious to about her life. Though, Ra-ra who has been said that she should not share her worries and make others uncomfortable by her close friends ending up not displaying Jun her story.

Instead, she only tells him that she does not want him to hear to her sob story. She starts to depend on him, she starts to expect things from him without thinking how she could be putting the load on him and this is what Jun feels most uncomfortable about as well.

He leaves her at the hospital to take proper care of his everyday plan and this ends making Ra-ra sad.

She has already mislay her father, and her dog Mimi is at a hospital in the moment. To lose the only friend that she had during this time ends up becoming a worse pill to gulp for Ra-ra.

She is unable to drink water by her own. She finally realizes that she there is no one that she can lean on and take in the support from them.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ Episode 2: Will Gu Ra-ra Stary

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At this time, the doctor who looked Ra-ra’s pass out and also treated her wounds to help her better. Yet, it is only when Jun comes back, all wounded, to support her that she stops crying.

It is instinct she is out to look the boarding place she ends up meeting Jun’s neighbor the lady who owns a beauty parlor and her daughter who has a huge crush on Jun for a while now.

A miscommunication caused by Ra-ra’s outer look- as she is dressed up in luxury accessories and clothes-leads the saloon lady to trust that she will be great customer. But, the truth is broken.

The doctor Cha-Eun-seok (Kim Joo-hun) who investigates Jun and his activities suspicious decides to visit Ra-ra at her new home but ends finding Jun and Ra-ra in an embracing position. It is how a bottle of water could lead to a situation that is so straightforwardly misconstrued.

Though, it is what it is and in the future, we are going to see how this broke girl and this sensible boy lead lives. Yes of course, Jun’s identity is still unrevealed. All we know about him is that he is the son of a rich, and wealthy family.

‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ will hit the curtains on KBS2 on Wednesdays and Thursdays in Seoul, South Korea, and also can be streamed on Netflix in the US.

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