Top Gun 2 Theory: Pete Maverick Teases the Funeral- Click to know

Top Gun 2  Theory: Top Gun: Maverick will have a mysterious funeral and it could be one of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell’s (Tom Cruise) students. The following year, the 80s classic version of the Top Gun finally gets a follow-up.

Set more than thirty years after the original movie, Joseph Kosinski’s upcoming project will see the return of the titular character. However, he is now the captain of the Navy and a pilot at TOPGUN – the same school he taught years ago.

Given Maverick’s work, Top Gun: Maverick will also introduce a series of new marine aircraft that want to stand out in their career paths. That includes Maverick’s ROO’s son, Nick “Goose” Bradshaw (Anthony Edwards), Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw (Miles Teller).

The sequence will focus more on the relationship between the two, as marketing reveals that there are disagreements between them, based on the loyalty of young Maverick to Bradshaw. There is also a Glen Powell student known only as Hangman.

While not much is known about his role in the Top Gun: Maverick so far, he is expected to play a key role in the narrative, as the actor is specially introduced as his project character.

Rooster and Hangman are two of Maverick’s most prominent students, but there are a few other trainees in the crowd.

Who can we see in Top Gun 2?

There are other certified flight coaches to be introduced to the Top Gun: Maverick: Jay Ellis as Payback, Danny Ramirez as Fanboy, Lewis Pullman as Bob, and finally Monica Barbaro as Phoenix. Very little is known about these current aircraft, but it is safe to say that they too will be a milestone in the movie industry.

That would mean that one of them is facing the same painful situation as Goose in the Top Gun.

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It was clear to Top Gun Maverick he had the potential to become one of the Navy’s leading pilots. If it had not been for Goose’s accident that would have crippled his guilt, he would have been seen as the best student in his class, passing Tom “Iceman” Kazansky (Val Kilmer).

Top Gun 2: Maverick Teases the funeral

Top Gun: Maverick emphasizes why he can’t go beyond being a captain in the organization when Ed Harris‘ unnamed manager gave the impression of where Maverick is at this point in his career.

It is not clear why he did not progress when, depending on his working years and flying skills, he should be at a high level. In addition to being a captain, Maverick also spends his time coaching the next generation of marine aircraft, following in the footsteps of Mike “Viper” Metcalf (Tom Skerritt).

This is also in line with what is known about Top Gun: Maverick’s Story. While Bradley’s automatic appearance means Goose’s death will be a major milestone, other deaths during the TOGGUN training in which Maverick was involved could be compared to what happened 30 years ago.

Eventually, finding another death at the airport may be what drives Maverick to finally stop flying, change his mind, and see that there is more to life than his love for it.

One of the reasons why he did not work diligently for promotion was because he did not want to stop flying – as evidenced by the official summary of the sequence report from Paramount. However, it is likely that things will change as a result of the funeral at Top Gun: Maverick.

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