Star Trek Season 2: Lower Decks: Mariner Gets a New Mission- Click to know

Star Trek Season 2 Updates: Though season one of the Star Trek: Lower Deck’s Ensign reveals how much she thrives as a crew member of the U.S.S. Cerritos. As the character was not a member of the ship’s primary command circle.

She is often witnessed disobeying orders and bending Starfleet rules. Just in order to get better results. Seems like she is not so good at following protocols and just focuses on results.

But then too, Mariner proves that she can get up the best results at times and again. But the thing is the rude and insubordinate attitude often leads to a clash between Mariner and her mother.

Her mother is none other than Captain Freeman. During the season one finale, the dispute again seems to gain flames. But this time this clash can take an unexpected turn and twist. When the captain gives Mariner a new mission that the audience will come across in season two.

The Plot of Star Trek Season 2: Lower Decks

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The first season of Star Trek: Lower Decks also highlights Starfleet’s weakness too. During the start of the episode, the natives of planet Beta3.

This was rescued earlier from a computer overlord in Star Trek: The Original Series. Later on, the crew of Carritor is attacked by Pakleds. This assault ends up killing the crew of Solvang. In addition to this, Lieutenant Shaxs dies during the battle.

The attack by Pakled is just devastating but it’s Mariner’s insubordination that leads to the ultimate defeat. When Cerritos is left with no options, Mariner bend and breaks a few rules. Just ensure the survival and safety of the crew.

Captain Freeman use to be infuriated with her daughter’s antics. But now, she somewhat understands her value. If Mariner was not there, their ship and crew may have lost.

Taking to the recent adventure on Beta 3 and Peckled attack reveals that Starfleet is not up to the mark. Meanwhile, the captain follows the tragic death of the crew and Shaxs.

This time season two will finally work on the same side. When the series will return Mariner will be working again. Doing the right things no matter what happens. It will be intersting to watch how the mother-daughter relation will move forward.

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