John Carter TV show in Production for Disney+

John Carter is a sci-fi American film directed by Andrew Stanton. The film is based on a book known as ‘A Princess of Mars’ written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The film was released in 2009, and initially, it was not enjoyed by a lot of people. But now the film is receiving appreciation from the audience.

After getting a positive response from the audience almost after a decade of the premiere, the makers have now put the thought of taking the franchise ahead.

There was a rumor regarding a TV Show dropping soon, which will be connected to the film. And now Daniel Richtman has confirmed that such a project is in talks these days.

We do not have much information about the show until now. There is a very scattered update about the upcoming show. One thing that we can assure us that the cast of the will not be the same.

John Carter in Production

Image Source: We Got This Covered

We will get to see new faces in the show. The names of the cast members are still not disclosed. As we told you, there is not enough information regarding the new show.

We think that the old cast members of the show will not be happy with the news of new cast members replacing them. However, if the film would have received a good response earlier than the old cast would have been a part of the show now. But the audience took a bit longer to acknowledge and appreciate the show.

The upcoming show will be streaming on Disney+. The streaming platform thinks that the problem was in the execution of the show, then the script and plot.

We hope that the upcoming plot will be more captivating and catchy so that it doesn’t take long for the audience to praise it.

This is what we know about the show until now. We will update you with more information as soon as we hear something from the officials. Till then share your views regarding the show with us. Did you like John Carter too?

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