The Conners Season 3: The premiere has a George Clooney throwback angle!

The Conners Season 3 Updates: The Conners has now confirmed its return to ABC for a third installment. But, this has indeed revealed how the Conners are dealing with this pandemic. However, this involves Becky and Darlene searching for new jobs, and Dan getting evicted unless he opts for charging his daughter’s rent.

Jackie is dealing with the past which involves a throwback to a very young George Clooney from Roseanne. Continue reading to know why this throwback was included.

Why include a George Clooney throwback in the premiere?

Bruce Helford in an interview mentioned that as soon as they sorted the roles of Becky and Darlene, he thought that it would be quite funny to go into a flashback of George. The show consists of frequent flashbacks, so, all they needed to do was to find a suitable character.

The throwback to Roseanne includes a young and quite charismatic George Clooney, flirting with Jackie portraying as Booker Brooks. This may seem that Clooney might be reprising his role as Booker. But for his cameo role in the premiere, Clooney knows he has open access to the show, but we don’t know what awaits us in the future.

Bruce again disclosed that he doesn’t intend to introduce a new character at Wellman. Although Becky and Darlene are starting to work there, so the fans can also expect George to make a cameo once again. The Conners includes several famous star cast, such as Jennifer Grey, Ozzy, Dan Aykroyd, Katey Sagal, and Sharon Osbourne.

The release date for The Conners Season 3

On 16th October 2018, the series, ” The Conners” debuted on ABC. While the series received a renewal for a second part on 22nd March 2019 with only 13 episodes. While the sequel got an extension of 6 extra episodes on 14th May 2019. Eventually, another episode was added to the lot and the total episodes under Season 2 were 20. The second part, however, aired on 24th September 2019. 

But, in May 2020, ABC received a green signal for the renewal of the third part of the series. The third season aired on 21st October 2020.

Well, the new episodes for The Conners, Season 3 will air every week religiously on Wednesday at 9 pm, ET on the ABC platform. 

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