The Power Rangers Franchise going to receive a New Alternate Universe

The Power Rangers Franchise Updates: The original team of teenagers, the Power Rangers, full of sass and attitude leading an adventurous life in 1993 enjoy a huge fan base. Since 1993, the show rules over the television industry.

Three years back, the Mighty Morphin incarnation of these warriors received a huge break, i.e. a cinematic reboot. The Power Rangers franchise enjoyed popularity on TV for decades.

But now, there is an announcement regarding a new initiative which would bridge the TV as well as the movie industry. 

The Rangers back with a revamped version!

The Hasbro’s Entertainment Studio, i.e. Entertainment One has pitched the movie idea to Jonathan Entwistle, a great producer as well as a director of Shepherd’s new movie as well as TV adaptations of the Powe Rangers.

Entwistle is quite famous for The End of the F****ing world, which wrapped up last year only with two seasons, and I am Not Okay With This, which, unfortunately, Netflix shelved after one season.

In an official statement, Jonathan Entwistle mentioned his work expectations for The Power Rangers. He stated that this is an incredible opportunity to reboot the Power Rangers to the new as well as the existing generations.

They will try to uplift the spirit and tey to live up to their expectations. He is quite excited to work with eOne and Hasbro.

What to expect from this revamped Power Rangers

Image Source: Den of Geek

Well, Jonathan Entwistle joining the Power Rangers team is not something which occurred out of the blue. It was reported in Last December only, that he would be negotiating to direct a revamped the new Power Rangers movie for Paramount Pictures.

But, this will not be in connection with the last one.

Out of the three movies of the Power Ranger series, released over 25 years ago, only one movie, the 1997’s Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, shares the continuity with the TV adaptation.

The movie serves as a base for the TV series, Turbo. However, the 1995’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie gave an alternate point of view on the original Mighty Morphin team’s power ability. While, the 2017s Power Rangers delivers a fresh take on Kimberly, Zack, Trini, Billy, Alpha 5, and Goldar in the modern time.

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