Princess Agents 2: When the series is renewed for second installment? Click to know more

 Princess Agents season 2 is a Chinese television series that hit the screens and attracted its viewers back in 2017 and since then the series has proved to be a smash hit. The television series was released globally and has had a huge international fanbase.

It is a web adaptation of the novel ’11 Chu Te Gong and Huang Fei’ authored by Xiao Xiang Dong Er. Further, the series has also managed to break all the records and make history by being the most-watched Chinese show of all time. 

Further, it also received a good amount of love on IMDb and managed to get positive reviews. It got a 9.4/10 on IMDb and has got a viewership of forty million-plus. Three years ago, the first season of the show was dropped. However, the fans of the show are still anticipating the release of a 2nd season.

Though there is no news or announcement about the release of the show. However, the fans and viewers are not ready to lose hope anytime soon. 

Release Date of Princess Agents season 2

Unfortunately, until now we do not have an official date for the release of season2. Rather we do not even know if the makers are planning to make a new season for the show or not. The makers of the show have not even given a green light for season 2.

There is no renewal for the second installment until now. Even after no signal from the makers, we are expecting a new season. This is because the series got a huge fanbase along with great ratings and commendable reviews. 

The Plot of Princess Agents Season 2

Until now, there are no hints dropped about the second running of the show. However, we are predicting that the next season will be picked from the ending of the previous season.

The initial season terminated when we saw Yun Xin taking a pledge to take revenge for the people he couldn’t save. Since the first season ended with a cliffhanger, it is expected that the upcoming season will continue from the terminating point of the previous season only.

The Cast: Who will return? 

The makers of the show have not revealed the members of the cast. They have not dropped any information regarding who will be a part of the next season. Li Qin, Shaw Dou, Zhao Liying, and Lin Gengxin will be seen as the lead cast members.

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