Mirzapur Season 2: Actor Shweta Tripathi gets candid about her role in the series

Mirzapur Season 2 Updates: Big or small, Shweta Tripathi is a versatile actor who has landed all roles perfectly. Her notable performance in the hits developed earlier includes Masaan and Haraamkhor has earned her a badge of acclamation from the viewers. Starting off as an associate director she picked up wide recognition as she came into her own with the character of Golu in Mirzapur which is to have its comeback this Oct 23.

Her candor gets displayed in her recent conversation with Raviraj Sinha

Given the COVID situation, do you think OTT has changed the entertainment industry? Do you think digital platforms and theatres can co-exist?

They can both co-exist because theatre is a community experience which is again watching a film in a cinema hall with your popcorn and coffee but about the OTT is that you could be sitting anywhere you can pause the episode and if you don’t like it you can move on to something else. There’s so much content from all across the world just at your fingertips.

How is Golu’s character different in Mirzapur Season 2  from Season?

Gold in Season 2 challenges her own beliefs and values. She had a moral instinct in her but everything she had faith in has gone for a toss because two people she loved the most were brutally taken away from her. So when you lose somebody who matters so much that changes you as a person literally. In fact, in Golu’s life, there is so much sadness and I don’t think any of the characters look happy this season. So more than holding a gun, it is why she is holding a gun is more important. What has happened and what is happening inside of her is far more important.

In S1 she had a dialogue that she will never take to violence and now she is flaunting a gun…

What is your take on the aggressive public reaction as nowadays the talk of boycotting film or series is taking place quite often?

Pointing fingers at others are so easy and easier still to point fingers at the entertainment industry. These are kind of people who want to make you feel as if you are the worst kind of person, while they actually may have been the people at fault. So, it’s  a shallow attitude .’Logon ka kaam hai bolna…’ doesn’t affect anything or any of us.

What are the upcoming projects you are working for?

There was Raat Akeli Hai on Netflix, The Gone Game on Voot. Cargo on Netflix we have released and there is Mirzapur S2 coming out on 23rd October and I am starting to shoot two of my shows in two weeks. One is for Hotstar and another is for Netflix.


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