The 100 Season 8: Prequel show? & What we know so far

The 100 Season 8 Updates: There are lesser chances for The 100 season 8 to happen, though the franchise has a brighter future to go along with the prequel show. The 100 is the adaption of a novel with the same name authored by Kass Morgan, this series is a science fiction drama from the American post-apocalypse which started its journey on the screens in 2014, this show has run for almost 6 years, completing its 7 seasons and became of the CW’s most surprising endeavors.

This show with multiple twists and turns has managed to make the audience on the edge of their seats, but things became more harrowing in the end, with multiple storylines spanning multiple worlds coming together.

The 100 Season 8: Updates

If we consider the end of the previous season we can observe that some characters being stuck in a bunker, some others in space, also a nuclear wave destroying the planet, the earth being inhabitable this all seems that there are numerous ways where The 100 could have continued further to next installment, but unfortunately this is not the scenario, the story has truly come to an end.

In 2019 it was confirmed that season 7 would be the last season of The 100, but the fitting given is that it would end with 100 episodes together. Hence The 100 season 7 would definitely be the end of the series and season 8 is never going to happen. But there is always a chance as The 100 is always a steady performer of its network.

It is estimated that The 100 prequel series which is untitled currently, would continue, with Callie on the surface trying to save the human race being “Anaconda” left off, while Callie’s brother Reese chases after her.

According to Jason Rothenberg, the creator of The 100 series, the network has not yet decided anything regarding the series, but it is still actively being discussed. The CW’s schedule has been shuffled as new shows are being added and old big hitters like Supernatural and Supergirl come to an end. So, the network is taking the time to determine what is correct. As of now, there won’t be another season for the show.

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