Shadowverse Episode 27 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Preview and Other Details

Shadowverse Episode 27 Updates: Shadowverse was originally a game, which eventually got converted into an anime. This anime has got immense popularity.

The digital card video game had gained huge popularity within a short amount of time. Shadowverse was developed by Cygames in Japan in 2016.

Later on, Zaxcs decided to adapt the RPG into an anime which aired on 7th April 2020. The anime Shadowverse enjoys a humongous fan base worldwide with an incredible watch time. Continue reading to know more.

The Release date for Shadowverse, Episode 27

The latest episode of Shadowverse, Episode 27 released yesterday only, on 20th October 2020 at 5:55 pm JST. The episode was released on Crunchyroll at the mentioned time.

Moreover, the English dubbed versions, along with the English subtitles will be available within a week.

A quick recap of Shadowverse Episode 26

In the previous episode, the character Hiro finally recalls the boy’s name, which is Shiro Kiriyama. Shiro subsequently gives a shocking revelation about his mind.

He mentions how he can easily fuse with empty shadows. Moreover, he also states that he cannot be defeated ever, no matter with whom he fights.

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Shiro even enquires Hiro if he came to acquire the legendary card. To this question, Hiro replies that he will never lose the fight and will definitely take the legendary card no matter what.

After this argument, they start their battle. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Alice is quite busy with fighting against human beings along with her team. All the empty shadows who pop up out of nowhere possess human beings.

Shiro then unleashes the power and all the mighty fighters, which results in Hiro’s defeat. Subsequently, there occurs a huge and drastic drop in the points from 20 to 14.

Along with that, Hiro’s card is also reduced from 7 to 2, to which Shiro makes a joke about Hiro and wishes to witness his looser face. He even asks Hiro to leave the fight, as his rate of winning is quite low, approximately 25%.

The cast details of Shadowverse, Season 2

The cast details of this amazing and intriguing series include-

  • Hiro Ryugasaki, Voice provided by Gakuto Kajiwara
  • Lucia Yonazuki, voiced by Junya Enoki
  • Mimori Amamiya, voice given by Kaede Hondo

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