East Troublesome fire Explodes Near Grand Lake Prompting Urgent Evacuation

East Troublesome: In Grand County, the previous day, 21 October 2020 (Wednesday), Grand Lake comes under the area affected by the East Troublesome fire. The cause of the fire is yet unknown and under investigation.

This explosion of the fire in the east caused chaos. The smoke arisen due to the fire was visible on the Front Range. The Grand Lake witnessed a very dramatic and hasty evacuation ever, as the fire spread rapidly.

The Sheriff Office of Grand Country issued an evacuation order as soon as they got the news of the fire spread. The west of the U.S. 34 along Grand Lake, the are between Estes Park and Granby were the places set to be evacuated.

Later the whole Grand Lake town added up for evacuation. Brett Schroetlin, Sheriff of Grand County, said on Wednesday night that he is not worried about Granby but for Grand Lake.

The roadway, Colorado 125 between Granby and Walden has been shut as the fire took it over. The area is evacuated with no soul there now. The high mountain roads along the Rocky Mountains are open for evacuation purposes.

Image Source: Lifeboat Foundation

While the National Park is closed as the result of the fire. Trail Ridge Road is open but offers poor visibility due to the smoke, weather, and wind. So it is on the list to close soon.

Authorities did their best in the evacuation and completed it efficiently yet hastily. They also evacuated the northeast side of Cal-Wood focusing on Lyons Park Estates as a precaution.

The winds can never be trusted under such circumstances, and they did the right thing as the fire destroyed 20 houses in Cal-Wood.

Firefighters braced themselves to work tirelessly to save people for a few more weeks. A little relief to them is that Colorado might get hit by a snowstorm around this weekend. Still, precautions are needed.

The people living in Boulder were alarmed by seeing the smoke and mistook it for the Boulder County fires. The officials later cleared their anxiousness by telling that it is due to the East Troublesome Fire. Be sure to keep up with us so that you don’t miss any updates.

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