Cadaver: Norwegian horror film Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot and Everything should know

Cadaver Updates: Netflix is all set to rock the Halloween with it’s new Norwegian Horror ‘Cadaver ‘ written and directed by Jarand Herdal the movie follows the aftermath of a nuclear disaster that results in the survival of only a handful of people.

Things get eerie when a fascinating hotel owner invites a three membered family with the undeniable offer of a free dinner and refreshment in his opulent hotel.

The offer does not really seem to stand null when the entertainment starts to cross lines between performance and reality.

Cadaver: Release Date

The Norwegian Horror will stream on Netflix on October 22 2020.

What is the plot of Cadaver: Norwegian horror?

After an unfortunate natural disaster a family of three, Leonora played Gittewitt , Jacob played by Thomas Gullestad and their daughter Alice played by Tua Olivia Remman are left on the edge of survival.

As they receive an invitation from a local hotel in the name of charitable good for the needy, their hunger and desperation leave them with no choice but to accept the same.

As they enter the lavish grounds of the hotel, the hotel is introduced as an enormous stage by the director Mathias played by Thorbjorn Harr and the attendees are given masks to separate them from the actors performing on this vast stage.

Things do not go as planned when a really creepy vibe sets in and audience members start to disappear mysteriously. The couple are assured that something is not right about the Mathias’ hotel when their daughter Alice disappears from front of their eyes.

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Who is in the Cast of Cadaver?

Gittewitt plays the character of Leonora
Thomas Gullestad will be seen as Jacob
Thorbjorn Harrbwill be playing Mathias
And Alice will be played by Tuva Olivia Remman


The trailer of the upcoming Norwegian Horror is available on the official Netflix page.
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