Netflix The Selection : What We Know About The Movie So Far

The Selection Updates: Netflix is bringing a lot of amazing content, movies, and TV series for us in the upcoming year. However, one of the most awaited movies from the streaming giant is The Selection.

The Selection will be dropping on Netflix in 2021. It is the web adaptation of one of the romantic novel books.

Failed Attempts of Adaptation

The past decade has been difficult for the fans of The Selection. The CW has had two failed attempts at adapting the book. In 2012 and 2013, the trial to adapt the book was failed.

Further, Warner Brothers were given the right in 2015. However, now it is with Netflix. The movie will be following the story of the book which shows 35 girls in opposition to each other. They are allowed to live amongst the wealthy.

Who All Are Involved In – The Selection on Netflix?

Image Source: What’s on Netflix

The movie is made under the direction of an excellent director, Haifaa Al-Mansour. He is a Saudi-Arabian director. He is popularly known for Wadjda.

However, he has worked on two Netflix projects, Nappily Ever After and The Society. The show also has an amazing writer, Katie Lovejoy.

Who Is The Part Of The Cast Of The Show?

Unfortunately, the cast of the show is not decided yet. At this moment, the fans of the novel are waiting for the makers of the series to decide the cast. A social media account of the show has mounted a campaign to discover the cast of the show.

When Will The Production Of The Selection Begin?

ProductionWeekly’s recent issue brought in front of everyone that the movie is expecting its production to kick off in early 2021. Further, the movie is expected to be set for its filming in Santa Clarita, California. however, this is not affirmed yet.

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