Mr. Osomatsu, Season 3: Whether you should watch it or not? Click to know the details.

Mr. Osomatsu Season 3 Updates: Mr. Osomatsu is a funny series but as of now, the funniest episodes of its previous two seasons were present only in the show’s premiere. Season1’s premiere is now banned, but it consisted of how the retro characters could easily fit into the modern animes. It is available on Netflix.

While the second season was a parody of the rising popularity of the show. Season3 also continues the same trend, where it contains a handful of gigs, but unfortunately, it is not that funny.

Review on Mr. Osomatsu Season 3

The opening scene embarks on a quite funny note. The narrator describes him as a harmless person, and the series to be a unique one, where all the characters are quite well adjusted. You all should be quite familiar with the series NEET protagonists, who are also quite messed up. With their sense of humor, we expect something fishy might come up. The jokes are quite cheap and loose. But, they suddenly introduce sextuplets girls as gender equality, while another set of multiethnic sextuplets as diversity. It’s more like accusing the anime industry consisting of forced diversity. 

Mr. Osomatsu Season 3 Details

The original Matsu explains to them as Iyami as well as the anime production company’s aimlessness and prudeness is quite a waste and won’t be fruitful. Probably there is some sort of nuisances in Japan’s new era’s commentary which has lost to the Western viewers. The culture has revolutionized since Season 2’s conclusion in 2018. The most intriguing and creative meta concept arrives when the voice cast of each character attacks them.

Season 3’s premiere is quite useless when compared with previous season premieres. But, the dig taken on several social conformities is quite undermined by lazy and hopeless diversity jokes. These jokes focus mainly on sextuplets’ awfulness. But they are amazing too sometimes and quite hilarious yet don’t serve the purpose. 

We still expect Season 3 to have some more fresh and funnier parts in the series, as it has in the premier. But if Season 3 is going to follow the same trend as that of Season 1 and 2, then it will lead to its doom. 


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