Fruits Basket Season 3: Is the hit anime getting a renewal?


Fruits Basket Season 3 Updates: With the second installment of Fruits Basket getting over, fans are now anticipating another season so that they would enjoy the anime a bit more.

This summer had been a bit of more thrilling with the pandemic going on and all of us being stuck at home. Several awesome anime have marked entry and have entertained us throughout the summers. 

Well, most of us won’t be aware of the original Fruits Basket anime released approximately a decade ago in 2001. But, we are glad to state that the current reboot version has more fan following, all thanks to TMS Entertainment and Funimation.

The second season finale was on 21st September 2020 worldwide. But now that two seasons are over, fans are super excited for a third installment. 

Will Fruits Basket renew for a third installment?

The Fruits Basket anime is getting a renewal for the third installment by TMS Entertainment. This announcement was done just within an hour of the second season’s finale. But we somewhat expected this news.


Monsters and critics mentioned that the current revamped version will cover the complete story of the original manga. The second season finale was completed till 16 volumes of the manga. Well, this means that there are at least 7 additional volumes of the original manga left to cover. 

The series gained a sudden rise in fan base with an incredible fan base. With such a huge amount of volumes left to cover, another sequel is definitely on board. In 2019, the season received 8.23/10 ratings on MyAnime List.

The release date of Fruits Basket, Season 3

Due to the current pandemic situation, every production process is at a halt. So, we expect another season to premiere somewhere in 2021.

The first and second season of Fruits Basket premiered in March 2019 and 2020 respectively. So, if they followed the trend, then we expect the third season in March 2021. So, let’s wait for an official notification to reveal when will the series be available. 

The storyline of Season 3

Fruits Basket narrates the tale of an orphan girl, Tohru Honda. When Tohru meets Kyo, Yuki, and Shigure Soma, she comes to know that a total of 12 people of the Soma family were possessed by the Chinese zodiac animals.

They are cursed to take their animal forms when they are stressed, weak, or are intimate with normal people of the opposite sex. Gradually, Tohru learns about the struggle the entire family is facing, and owing to her generous and helpful nature, she helps to heal their emotional problems. Eventually, she learns more about her talent and how much she cares for the Soma family.

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